about hannah

woodwind textiles is the studio of hannah muchnick (she/they), based within the unceded homelands of the Piscataway, Susquehannock, and Nentego people.

hannah is a fiber artist, heritage preservation & native permaculture enthusiast, & admirer of birds. she studied fiber arts and anthropology at MICA (BFA 2016) and has continued her studio practice alongside a practice in ethnographic & textile conservation. 

the name woodwind refers both to hannah's personal history as a flautist and to the symphysis of fiber and breath in nature. each of these plant materials originates in the great breathing of the earth; and so it is used to breathe life into natural-fiber soft goods. 

this practice emerged out of gratitude for the human art of the textile. i utilize dye traditions and techniques passed down and shared by ancestors and peers worldwide. to minimize the environmental impact of my creative practice, i use exclusively natural dye materials and simple historic mordants; my production practices include neutralized wastewater disposal, conservation of water, and sourcing of organic fibers and dyestuffs to the greatest extent possible. i am always striving towards more sustainable practices in my art and daily life alike.