heritage care & conservation

Alongside my studio practice, I also perform services related to the care of cultural heritage items. Since 2015, I've held pre-graduate terms at the Hirshhorn Museum and National Museums of Natural History, American History, and most recently, the National Museum of the American Indian. 

I currently provide technician-level services in private practice. My studio practice informs my understanding and assessment of items being conserved, and my pre-treatment research often leads me to new techniques which I explore in-studio. 

Textile and Garment Rehousing at NMAI

from July 2019 through December 2020, I served as half of the contracting team which carried out Phase II of NMAI's TGRP. This incredible undertaking seeks to update housing for every 'textile' item under NMAI's stewardship. In September 2021, I'm honored to be picking up again with Phase III of the project. It has been a joy and a privilege to work so closely with these items, so many of which are handmade and personalized garments which tell of the ingenuity and individuality of Indigenous people and communities through an era of colonization and ethnographic objectification. 

Private Practice Assistance

Between internships and contracts, I provide freelance technician-level services to private practice conservators. Assisting with outdoor sculpture care, mold remediation, polishing of silver and brass objects, textile mounting, and other various object and textile treatments under supervision of a conservator. 

Costume Conservation at NMAH

In 2017, I had the joy of interning in the textile conservation lab at NMAH. Helping out with pre-exhibit mountmaking and supervised light treatment.