lac insect-dyed silk crepe de chine scarf, 24x24".

silk scarf - dahlia

  • bug power! this fuchsia dream was dyed with an exhausted bath of lac extract. Lac bugs are a scale insect like cochineal - but unlike cochineal, which is made from ground cochineal bugs, lac dye is extracted from the sap the insects produce as they feed on acacia trees. The dye is essentially a byproduct of refining the sap to produce a more familiar substance - shellac! this scarf has a dreamy pattern of take-up from low immersion for a softly psychedelic look.

    these silk crepe de chine bandanas have a light, crisp hand and easy drape - perfect as a neck scarf, rolled headband, or even as a wrap top! each scarf measures 24"x24". 

    care & handling: hand-wash with a pH-neutral detergent (i love eucalan!) avoid storing in the sun - even though lac is lightfast, UV is harsh and damaging in the long run. 

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